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Precision two-channel standard platinum resistance thermometer

  TM-3022T table type precision two-channel standard platinum resistance thermometer can be indexed standard platinum resistance thermometer or industrial platinum resistance thermometer characteristic error parameters through the instrument keyboard input memory can accurately display the indexed temperature value. Eliminate the user to check the table or use the computer to calculate the index temperature value of the trouble, to achieve accurate, fast, simple, convenient.   In line with the national "JJG 229-2010 industrial platinum, copper RTD testing procedures".

Desktop Data Collector

AICA produces TA-1210C data collector (2*5 channels), which follows the national temperature measurement inspection and calibration regulations "JJG 75-1995 standard platinum rhodium 10-platinum thermocouple calibration regulations", "JJG 668-1997 working platinum rhodium 10-platinum (platinum rhodium 13-platinum) short type thermocouple calibration regulations", "JJG 141-2013 working precious metal Thermocouple Calibration Procedure", "JJF 1637-2017 Calibration Specification for Working Cheap Metal Thermocouple", "JJF 1262-2010 Calibration Specification for Armored Thermocouple", "JJG 229-2010 Calibration Specification for Industrial Platinum and Copper RTD", "JJG 226-2001 Calibration Specification for Bimetal Thermometer", "JJF 1183 -2007 Temperature Transmitter The calibration specification is specially designed for the automatic calibration system of RTD and thermocouple, which is a high-precision and high-stability integrated automatic data measurement and acquisition device. It can also be used for multi-point temperature field distribution acquisition, data transmission, monitoring and other occasions.

Standard resistance, battery thermostatic oil bath

MR-5015A precision standard resistor and standard battery thermostatic oil bath is designed for constant temperature control and temperature coefficient testing of high-grade bridge standard resistor for electrical and temperature experiments. In line with the "JJF 1030-2010 thermostatic bath technical performance test specification" national technical specifications requirements
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