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AICA produces TA-1210C data collector (2*5 channels), which follows the national temperature measurement inspection and calibration regulations "JJG 75-1995 standard platinum rhodium 10-platinum thermocouple calibration regulations", "JJG 668-1997 working platinum rhodium 10-platinum (platinum rhodium 13-platinum) short type thermocouple calibration regulations", "JJG 141-2013 working precious metal Thermocouple Calibration Procedure", "JJF 1637-2017 Calibration Specification for Working Cheap Metal Thermocouple", "JJF 1262-2010 Calibration Specification for Armored Thermocouple", "JJG 229-2010 Calibration Specification for Industrial Platinum and Copper RTD", "JJG 226-2001 Calibration Specification for Bimetal Thermometer", "JJF 1183 -2007 Temperature Transmitter The calibration specification is specially designed for the automatic calibration system of RTD and thermocouple, which is a high-precision and high-stability integrated automatic data measurement and acquisition device. It can also be used for multi-point temperature field distribution acquisition, data transmission, monitoring and other occasions.

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Aeikon participated in the preparation of the national metrological technical specification "JJF1257-2010 Calibration Method for Dry Body Temperature Calibrators".
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