Application Cases

Application Cases

 Instrument Calibration Department Global Manager, Product Innovation of FLUKE Company

in the United States Mr. Rich McFadden Come to AIKOM for business and technology communication

Engineers from AIKOM Company went to GUILDLINE Company in Canada for business

and technology communication

Engineers from AIKOM are working with manager calibration laboratory Mr. FRANK FANNING

conducts technical exchange and product promotion



Engineers from AIKOM Company demonstrated the process of triple point of water cells

reproduction in the laboratory of ECE Fast Company in Australia


AIKOM engineers conduct business and technical exchanges with France National Temperature

Metrology Laboratory for our company's products

AIKOM's products were promoted in French temperature sensor companies(Thermo l'est),

and technical personnel and marketing personnel from both sides had extensive exchanges

The products of AIKOM company have conducted technical exchange and product promotion

at the National Institute of Marine(IFREMER) Development and Research in France

AIKOM Corporation Donates Temperature Experimental Instruments to the University of

Lorraine Laboratory in France

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