Company History

Company History

ShenZhen AIKOM Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 1996. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design, research and development, production and sales. In the course of development for many years, it has been equipped with independent research and development and independent innovation. The ability to quickly respond to customer needs and customization.


The company has always adhered to quality first, constantly established and improved the product quality management system, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2011, has a mature quality management system, strict production process management and inspection mechanism, and perfect product research and development, production and service.


The company is an enterprise member of the National Temperature Measurement Technology Committee, a member of the ShenZhen Sensor and Intelligent Instrument Industry Association, and a member of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th sessions of the Council. It is a winner of independent innovation and a winner of Pengcheng Craftsmen. ShenZhen high-tech enterprise, the company's products have been used in major measurement and calibration institutions, domestic and foreign meteorological bureaus, marine temperature measurement institutions, petroleum, chemical, electric power, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical, domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, universities and other units.


It is a participating drafting unit in the national metrological technical specification of JJF1257-2010 Calibration Method for Dry Body Temperature Calibrator, JJG 1164-2019 Verification Regulation for Infrared Ear Thermometer, Calibration Specification for Thermocouple and Thermal Resistance Automatic Measurement System, and Calibration Specification for Zero Thermostat.


It has a number of patents issued by the National Patent Office: the utility model patent for the low-temperature liquid thermostatic bath, the first domestic thermostatic bath utility model patent, the utility model patent for the adjustable fastening force special bracket, the utility model patent for the constant temperature and constant pressure verification device, and the invention patent for the device for freezing the ice jacket in the water three-phase point bottle (i.e. the jet mixing precision thermostatic bath).


Since its establishment, the company has carried forward the spirit of continuous innovation and has successfully developed portable dry body temperature calibrators (constant temperature tanks), water three-phase freezing storage devices, standard resistance storage devices, multi-channel data collectors, atmospheric pressure/temperature integrated verification devices, and ocean customization devices.


Looking forward to the future, opportunities and challenges coexist. The company will continue to be market-oriented, demand-oriented and value-oriented, with the strength of technological research and development as the pillar, forge ahead with innovation and keep improving, and provide customers with diversified and comprehensive one-stop high-precision professional instrument products and services.


Strategic layout at home and abroad, seize the opportunity to meet the challenge, consolidate the foundation on the existing basis, and strive to become a national brand of excellent professional measuring instruments and meters that will go global.

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