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Company Profile of Shenzhen Aikang Instrument Technology Co.

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Company Profile of Shenzhen Aikang Instrument Technology Co.

  Shenzhen AIKOM Instrument Technology Co., Ltd (AIKOM) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on temperature measurement instruments. The company was established in 1996, in more than 20 years of development, independent research and development, innovation, has the ability to independent design, manufacturing, can quickly respond to customer demand, customized, transformation of personalized products for customers. Our products have been used in major metrology and calibration institutions, meteorological bureaus, national marine centers, petrochemical plants, power plants, machinery manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical plants, domestic and foreign research universities and other units.

  Aikang participated in the preparation of the national metrological technical specification "JJF1257-2010 Calibration Method for Dry Body Temperature Calibrators".

  We have a number of patents issued by the National Patent Office: utility model patent for low-temperature liquid thermostat tank, utility model patent for the first dry-body furnace temperature calibrator in China, invention patent for both jet-stirred precision thermostat tank for freezing ice sets in water three-phase point bottles, and utility model patent for adjustable tightening force special bracket.

  We have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, have a mature quality management system, strict production process management and inspection system, perfect product development, production and service system.

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